moving day

I’m moving my blog to a new spot… blogspot, even! It’s just because it’s difficult for me to find time to blog over at myspace, and frankly… I’m realizing the junior-high-ness of it all. I’ll still check in with those I’ve been reading over there, to be sure. But I think this will also make my blog more accessible for non-myspace readers.

Good grief, how egotistical do I sound? I know a couple of people do read the ramblings I put down, but not many.

Anyway, it’s been a rough couple of days lately. Nena, Ryan’s paternal grandmother, died Wednesday morning at age 77. She had lung cancer, and in the last few times we went to visit her, her breath was growing ever-shorter and more shallow, and it was apparent that she was in a lot of discomfort. So it’s kind of a relief that she was finally able to let go of her body. The viewing is tonight, and the funeral is tomorrow morning.

Last night I made a curry that turned out kind of bland and over-tomato-y… definitely needs a lot of tweaking. And my poor Basmati rice was waterlogged. And the Dallas Stars lost. Boo.

Anyway, in the spirit of rejoicing amidst grief, here (ganked from Sara) are 10 things that bring me joy.

1. Falling asleep/waking up next to Ryan
2. When one of the dogs is acting extra-sweet and curls up next to me
3. Brand-new pens that have super-gliding ink
4. Discovering an inexpensive wine that makes my mouth happy
5. Making new friends
6. Talking on the phone with old friends and discussing plans to meet up again!
7. Mint Mocha Chip Frappuccinos
8. Watching Barker chase his tail
9. Watching hockey with Ryan (my two loves! together at last!)
10. Taking naps when it’s raining


6 responses to “moving day

  1. Sweet now I can leave you random comments about your blog much easier…now if everyone would join it would be terrific.

  2. Sarah,

    I love the new blog, very stylish. So when will you register I’m sure there’s some variation of your name that could become a dot com.

    Say hi to Ry-Dog for me.

  3. I’m so glad you left MySpace, I hate the format of that place!! Blogger is so much more sophisticated.

    We really must get together to drink wine someday.

  4. Just saying hi…Sorry your Stars lost. Look on the bright side, you could be a Blues fan. I went to see them loose last week with a meer 10,000 in attendence!

    have fun,
    (I hate pep rally’s)

  5. oops…lose, sorry

  6. Sarah–

    Just wanted to say hi and we miss you tons here in J-Town. Tell Ry I sais Hi…oh and Barker too. Sorry to hear about Ryan’s grandma. You guys should give me a call sometime.

    And Lucas McDonald you should LOVE pep Rallies!

    Love ya–

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