freaks on parade

Ryan and I drove up to San Marcos last night to celebrate Halloween with his old college buddies and some other friends. We ran into a guy we hadn’t seen SINCE college, as he’s spent the past 3 years (I think) in Japan with his fiance, teaching English. So now he’s back, hitting the books again for a master’s in literature.

Ryan and IBut I digress. After I looked all day for costumes, I finally figured out what I wanted to be – “Not a Happy Camper.” Ryan decided to be a poker dealer, since this is the same group with whom he goes and plays poker. Since he had to work, I went around to find the pieces for his costume. I couldn’t find a transparent green visor, so I got a piece of green craft foam and cut a visor out of it. Also got a bow tie, two garters (for his arms) – those at Hobby Lobby – and a blue button-up vest at Goodwill.

As for myself, my costume was pretty simple… I got a t-shirt at Wal-mart and painted “Happy Trails Camp” on it, singed and ripped the shirt, put leaves/sticks in my hair, and lots of cuts and bruises and bandages all over.

The dangers of playing drinking games The evening started with a big game of Scene-It, which Ryan and I were SO CLOSE to winning, but got beat out in the end. Drat. Then we all devolved pretty quickly into drinking games. Adam taught Ryan a couple of games like Speedbump and North Carolina, and we all got in on it after a while. Of course, that upped the beer consumption level dramatically, so the party started getting pretty raucous…

Circle of Death From the little piddly drinking games (riiiight) we moved on to Circle of Death. I didn’t play, since I was driving and quit drinking pretty early… but it only took one circle to really get the party going.

On the bed And of course, as all good parties do… everyone ended up in the bed. It was a big tickle fight/wrestling match/who knows what that started getting pretty rowdy… Rachel got dumped on the floor a few times and action figures were knocked from a nearby bookshelf. Yeah, we left a little while after that. But it was a ton of fun.

We got home around 2am (okay, 3, but there was that whole daylight-savings-time thing) and Ryan promptly went to bed. I took the dogs out and was pretty prompt, too.

Today I plan to just do some cleaning and hang out with the doggies, and just recover in general from the festivities. Might check out a salsa festival in Gruene tonight, who knows?


2 responses to “freaks on parade

  1. I like your costume idea. I’m going to try and go as an evil yogini tonight…we’ll see how that works out!

  2. hmmmm salsa festival..hmmmmm

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