the lone freak on parade

Saturday night, there was only one person (Gary) at the party who was not dressed up. Today… in my group, anyway… it’s just me. The lone unhappy camper. Ah well, everyone seems to like my costume. All of the people in the group a few rows down are dressed up as convicts, and their desks are decorated as cells, etc. Hooray for solidarity! And the investment group is doing a tailgate party theme. It’s all good…

Spent the morning mostly decorating/roping off an area of the cafeteria for our departmental luncheon today. And running around the campus a lot. My feet are getting hot (I’m wearing camping socks and snow boots, forcryingoutloud!). But at least they don’t hurt… that’s one thing these boots have over heels any day!

Ryan and I went and ate sushi last night – free sushi! We were at the grand opening of Godai Sushi, the new (sort of) restaurant opened up by Goro, formerly of Goro’s Sushi. Apparently he sold off the name and opened up this new place… but it’s nice, and the food was delicious, and free! Could have gone for the free booze, too, but… a couple of glasses of tea hit the spot.

After dinner, we went to Wal-mart and picked up some groceries, some new candles (Christmas candles, my GOODNESS) and perused the pet aisles as usual. There are some new, inexpensive pop-up dog kennels that would be big enough for Barker and Hailey, but I think they would be seen as a snack/toy/challenge more than a boundary. Who knows, though… on a road trip they might be just what the doctor ordered for hotel rooms or camping or whatnot… a secure little place that they could call their own.

Got home last night, Ryan put together a lamp we bought (a torchiere for our perpetually dark living room), and we just kind of relaxed and watched the news and Sex and the City. I went to bed around 11:30.

Tonight, the plan is to work out and then Ryan says he’s gonna make curry, yum! And it’s also $2.50 pint night at Flying Saucer… so we’ll probably go there, too. Our pint crowd, I think, is getting bigger!


One response to “the lone freak on parade

  1. Wishful thoughts

    Pint crowd? Wish I was there as the general rule is the more the merrier! And if Ryan is cooking curry, I’m def. coming over for dinner also:) Sounds like a wonderful way to start your week off—-Enjoy!

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