falling into place(s)

I got a call on the way in to work this morning from the woman who’s been our point of contact for booking the new student activities building at TLU for our wedding reception. She had the contract ready and all the details for leasing the space. The cost is a little higher than I had expected, but not too terrible. And the fact that it’s ON CAMPUS, rather than across town from the chapel… we really can’t beat that.

Ryan called GBRA and cancelled our booking for Nolte Island, and they’ll be mailing our deposit back to us… so we’re practically halfway there for TLU! Ryan told me, “I guess now we’ll HAVE to book TLU!” Yeah… and I’m so disappointed… 😉

Yay, news just keeps getting better…

Last night Ryan made a delicious curry, even though it was HOT HOT HOT!! He likes it that way, I go in more for the bland/herby/sweet stuff. It was Indian-style, and for some reason when he made the Basmati rice, it turned out GREAT. Must be the half-cup less of water. 🙂 I think he’s a better cook than I am.

As promised, we went to work out for a while, although I was trying to wimp out of the treadmill… Ryan pushed me on and while I was initially cranky about it, I’m glad that he did, now. I hate going to work out, I hate working out, and I hate how sweaty and hot and gross I feel after I work out. But after I take a shower and cool down, I do feel better about myself. It’s just a matter of getting over that loathing of the workout process.

We did indeed go to the Flying Saucer, too, and met Todd, Rachel, Adam, and Rachel’s friend Megan there. Much beer was consumed, and we got the soft pretzels, too… which are soooo good but, yeah, more bread is not really what we needed. I fell right into bed when we got home, I think, and could easily have slept all day.

I’ve spent the morning knee-deep in MS Access and PowerPoint, creating job aids and updating databases and whatnot. Still waiting to update stats… the final numbers for October haven’t been posted yet so I’m getting kind of antsy. I think I might just go to lunch early, as my tummy is rumbling louder and louder…


One response to “falling into place(s)

  1. Get this: I have summer class up until June 2nd, and then on the 4th I will leave for India for my course. I will have the 3rd completely free!

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