Tuesday is Chooseday!

Tuesday is Chooseday!

Would you rather:
1. be able to talk to dolphins OR spiders?
Spiders, because I live in Texas… not a lot of dolphins running around here.

2. be able to shoot spaghetti noodles from your fingertips OR change the color of your skin to various shades of pastel?
Color changing, very cool. I would be like a walking mood-ring.

3. develop an allergy to your favorite food OR your best friend?
Definitely my favorite food, as I enjoy many foods but not as many people… it would be much tougher to give up my best friend.

4. walk across the united states of america from los angeles to new york OR climb mount everest?
Walk across the US… I don’t do well with height/extreme temperature. Plus, how fun would it be to see all the great stuff in America?


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