prompt: fallen leaves

“What do you think or feel when you walk on fallen leaves?”
– from

In Texas, fall and winter are the seasons of gray and damp. The leaves of pecan, oak, and elm trees turn a dingy grayish brown and beneath a tree stand, they form a moist carpet that makes no sound underfoot. When the rain falls on the leaves, the sound disappears, and the water is absorbed into this botanical mat.

A fall hike in Texas brings no crunch of crisp fall, but rather a chilly tip-toe on top of a silent leaf-rug.

Digging the toe of your shoe a little deeper uncovers the layers of leaves. This further excavation sometimes yields a few stray colorful leaves from a tree long since bared tree, probably with smooth bark, probably dwarved by the taller, grayer, rougher trunks nearby.

A hint of red peeks out from the brown-gray of fall, a sneaky hidden secret message from Mother Nature to tell us to keep the secrets with which we’ve been entrusted. It’s a reminder to keep some of the best gems deep within, covered and protected from those who don’t remember to dig deeper.


2 responses to “prompt: fallen leaves

  1. I love the description, totally reminded me of the forest behind my house in Fairview park when I would take Max out with my Dad on Thanksgiving day, for our yearly walk and chat.

  2. Wishful thoughts

    It’s interesting how different regions evoke such a variety of fall recollections. I never knew that you viewed Fall in that manner. And my perception of Fall is completely different from your interpretation and the Texas manner of appreciating Fall.

    Very thought provoking!

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