too many friends?

Last night was bowling night, so as usual on Tuesdays I got home from work, sat down for 15 minutes, and then Ryan got home and we dashed off to the bowling alley in a big hurry. I always hate being in a hurry… whether it’s me or someone else in a hurry, it makes me testy. Combine that with the fact that I had hardly had time to relax (and didn’t get to finish watching “Wheel of Fortune”) and I was cranky/borderline bitchy. And Ryan was the one who was in a hurry, and I’m sitting in the passenger seat being the back-seat driver… “slow down,” “don’t tailgate,” “whooaa!” So I’m sure that didn’t help matters. Seems that every Tuesday I arrive at the bowling alley in a somewhat grouchy mood, but leave feeling much better… nothing like tossing a 10-pound ball at things to cheer you up.

Anyway, I always feel guilty about being in a bad mood. I realize some may think that’s a woman’s prerogative, but… I still hate it. I feel like I’m generally a happy person, so why do some days tend to get me down? I sometimes feel like my need to have a few minutes to unwind isn’t always respected, and even if I do have to leave the house when I want to just chill out… I just want everyone around me to let me have my zoning-out time, even if it’s in the car, or at the bowling-alley.

Maybe it’s just a symptom of the fact that we have been going out a LOT lately. Friday night, we went downtown. Saturday night was the Halloween party. Monday night, Flying Saucer. Tuesday night, bowling league night. Tonight… I’m staying home, watching the hockey game, and chilling out. I NEED it. I miss having down time with Ryan at home, when we don’t have to worry about entertaining anyone else or being part of a larger conversation or being clever or whatever. I love being with my friends, and I love going out, but I love – possibly even more than all that – staying home.

Of course, before I watch the hockey game (Go Stars!), I need to go work out. I’ll probably make dinner during the first period of the game… or during pre-game if I get home and get done with the workout/shower soon enough. I think if I go work out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I’ll be doing pretty well for myself. Any more than that and I’m gonna get pissed off and burned out. So I’ll just try to establish a 3-times-a-week routine and call it good, for now… maybe when I’m in better shape I can up the frequency, but right now I’m going to do what I can do.

I discovered some writing prompts on the internet so if you see any weird/seemingly random writings in here, it’s because I’m working my writing muscles… which are also out of shape. I need a writer’s workout!


One response to “too many friends?

  1. I don’t blame you for being testy–I’ve been having an unexpectedly full plate, too. Downtime at home when you need it is one of the best things ever.

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