crap morning

This morning started with a little bit of promise, but quickly went downhill. I took a shower, shaved my legs, decided to wear a skirt. A black skirt, to be exact, with a pink sleeveless top with black lace trim, and a black jacket. So I put on everything but the jacket, put on my makeup, and then couldn’t find my jacket. And it was 8:15, high time I got out the door, but I had to take the dogs out, and WHERE WAS MY JACKET? I changed my shirt to a brown short-sleeved blouse and took the dogs out… where Hailey refused to squat. So I brought ’em back in, went out the door, went back IN for my cell phone… back out again…

Of course, my jacket was in the back seat of my car. Great, okay… so then I started the car, and turned my steering wheel, and promptly scratched my engagement ring across my pantyhose, tearing a big hole in it that immediately ran right down my leg past my knee. ARGH!!!

Ignoring the run in my stocking, I missed the turn to get on the access road, so I had to go down all the way to the next light. Traffic, of course, was heavy until I got onto the highway, where I got stuck for a mile or so behind some slow-going jerk weaving in the lane. When I finally managed to pass him, another jerk in a bigger hurry than I was started tailgating me, and then nearly sideswiped me when he decided to pass on the right.

I got to work fine, just in time to see the shuttle bus pulling away from my stop. So I grabbed my badge and went out to wait for the next run… and of course, I forgot my jacket! And since I took off my ruined pantyhose, I’m freezing my ass off even though it’s supposed to get up to 80 degrees today. And as I’m updating the monthly statistics, I’m realizing that half of my formulas are screwed up and giving wrong information, so I’m gonna have to go in and fix them all.

And the Stars lost last night to LA, 6-3. At least it wasn’t 7-2 like it was last time they played…

Oh well… things are looking up. The cafeteria is serving tomato basil soup today. And it can only get better from here, right?


2 responses to “crap morning

  1. Wishful thoughts

    It will get better trust me. Of course this is coming from someone whose new employee didn’t show up at 7am this morning—and it was only their third day on the job! Is it a sign?

    But anyhow, I’m certain that the remainder of your day will be sunny and wonderful. Enjoy your lunch!

  2. Tomato basil soup is a good sign that the day will improve. Hope it goes well

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