weighty matters

Ohhhhkay… so Ryan was watching Oprah today, on his day off, and text messaged me to tell me about this girl who was overweight, but since she and her husband started having sex 8 times a week, she’s dropped a bunch of weight, because having sex for half an hour burns 200 calories.

Hell, I don’t burn that much on the treadmill. Or I would, I guess, if I could do 30 minutes on the treadmill. But walking in the same spot for half an hour is just b o r i n g !

I went to Oprah’s website, and read about another girl who drinks water every time she has a craving for high-fat foods, and then waits 15 minutes to see if she’s still craving…

Who are these women on sex-and-water diets? Why are the rest of us (or me, anyway) so plagued by inactivity, inattention, and horrible cravings that won’t go away, even when doused in water?

My cravings have been YEARS in the making…

And thus, so has my huge ass. Bleah.

I know that I did other stuff than eat this weekend, but it seemed like every time I turned around I was confronted with food. Burrito. Pizza. Tacos. Starbucks!! Bad food, bad food. We ate sushi this weekend, which wasn’t particularly unhealthy. But gooooood grief… there is no moderation when one goes out for food in San Antonio. Loaded EVERYTHING. Loaded plates, tortillas, bags…

Ryan and I have made going out to eat much more of a routine than it ever should have been. I remember, growing up, it was a fun thing to do maybe once or twice a week. And then when my parents got busier and Jake and I had more things to do after school (music lessons! band rehearsal! Boy Scouts! Karate!), our family started going out to dinner more and more. Now, Ryan and I are not more busy, but we have convinced ourselves that we don’t have the time or energy to cook something HEALTHY. We need to un-learn this laziness. In Joplin, I used to cook quite a bit. We didn’t go out to eat quite as much. Now, the long commute has us fooled into exhaustion. We’re not tired, we just dontwannadoit

‘Tis the season to get my ass in gear and make it smaller…


2 responses to “weighty matters

  1. I hate using exercise machines, too–it’s like being a hamster on a wheel. I’m biased of course, but I suggest maybe going to some full-fledged yoga classes. They’re way more fun and interesting than running on a treadmill, they’re low impact, and they encourage weight loss by stimulating the endocrine system (specifically the thyroid and parathyroid glands).

  2. I am running again if that is any means to motivation. Granted I got all of about 10 feet before I face planted after tripping over my friends dog.

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