Well, Ryan signed us up for a gym membership at the gym down the street (she wrote with a heavy sigh).

I know it’s good for me to work out, I know that this will do nothing but make my life better. I know that I will feel better and look better and be healthier and probably in a better mood.

It’s just this big mental hurdle… tomorrow evening I have to go in and do a physical evaluation, in which I am probably going to be weighed and measured and asked to perform to the upward limit of my physical abilities (that shouldn’t take long)…

I had to do that back in college for my weight training class, in order to use the equipment. I know it’s supposed to help me reach my fitness goals, blah blah blah. But the problem with me and goals is that every day I am not at my goal, I feel icky and underachieving about it. It’s not just goals in weight loss, or body fat, or reps or miles or minutes, it’s everything.

How do I overcome this hurdle? How do I leap over my own insecurities and just do it?


One response to “hurdles

  1. I find it very useful to never look at a scale. That way, some arbitrary number won’t guide my goals and make me feel inadequate. The goal of working out is strength, endurance, peace of mind and a healthy body, no matter what weight you happen to be. Losing weight is just icing over all of the good stuff working out does for you.

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