Tuesday is Chooseday!

Would you rather:

1. shave your eyebrows and head OR have black teeth for two weeks?
Probably shave my eyebrows and head… it would grow back. And hey, I’d get back to my natural color, right?

2. be able to talk to the dead OR see ten minutes into the future?
See ten minutes into the future… but only if I could see a choice between several different courses of action.

3. get hit on the head with a beer bottle OR hit across the chest with a tire iron?
Hit on the head with a beer bottle… if it breaks, it won’t hurt as bad as a tire iron!!

4. have a flower grow out of your ear (that regrows instantaneously) OR tears running down your face constantly?
A flower growing out of my ear…. how festive! I could just tuck my hair over it, it would look like I just wear a flower in my hair…


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