On the lanes

Bowling buddies
Originally uploaded by sarahlonnevik.

Last night my bowling game was on fire! I scored 129, 140, and 113… not too shabby considering before, I’d only had one game over 100. I even picked up enough pins in the last game to put us over the top for a 3-game, 4-point sweep!!

Ryan and I also switched back to our camera phones for a little while, as you can see… so hopefully I’ll be bringing you some wonderful and weird photos of the fun things that I encounter every now and again… like my bowling team.

Talked to Janette for more than an hour last night, which was fantastic… Ryan and I kind of “conference called” her and we both managed to vent about this wedding planning business. But it was a productive and fun call, and Ryan suggested that we do black bridesmaids dresses with colorful flowers, and I suggested that his guys do black suits or tuxes with colorful ties and pocket squares. I think that would look stellar!


3 responses to “On the lanes

  1. Black dresses sound fine, too! Whatever you want, i am open to.

  2. I figure everyone looks good in black, and Ryan’s mom keeps joking (?) that she’s gonna wear black anyway. Hey, why not… we’ll be a bunch of classy broads, right?

  3. ooooh, I think black with colorful flowers would be really pretty. Just thought I’d throw in my opinion. 🙂

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