a laid-back thursday into a weird friday

Last night we ended up forgoing the gym to eat dinner at home and then head downtown to Bar America with Adam. Bar America is a bit of a dive, but it’s a fun dive… they have Lone Star & Lone Star Light longnecks for a buck, plus a jukebox filled with classic country and Tejano. As usual, we sat in a booth drinking our cheap beers, listening to the cheap jukebox (10 plays for a dollar!! that’s unheard of!), smoking (well, not me, I was just second-hand smoking *cough cough*) and chatting. Turns out Adam was a wedding DJ once upon a time, so we talked about miscellaneous wedding planning issues/worries/solutions. I try, honestly I do, not to unload my wedding planning stress on other people, but sometimes it just slips out. Especially when I go to the bathroom and come back to two beer-drinking guys discussing wedding planning at length…

At any rate, we got home around 1am and I dragged my smoke-smelling, tired (and thus mildly grumpy) ass to bed after taking out the dogs. I felt icky… hadn’t worked out, drank beer (LS Light, but, still… unnecessary empty calories), and was going to bed way too late.

I woke up around 7:15 this morning, took a shower, got dressed and headed off to work. I stopped to get a coffee and when I went into the shop, I got smacked in the face by a violent paper Christmas decoration about a foot in diameter. But it wasn’t just my problem… as I was leaving with my coffee, a guy in scrubs was coming in and got hit by the same decoration. Christmas isn’t just overcommercialized – it’s downright dangerous!

As I got into my car with my coffee, another guy in scrubs walked by with chest hair hanging out the top of his scrubs. You’d think that would be considered unsanitary in a hospital environment! I mean… is it too much to ask these excessively hairy dudes to wear an undershirt or wax it or SOMETHING to spare the rest of us from their manliness? Or is he just proud of it? Who knows, maybe he didn’t have any chest hair until age 30 and now he has to show it off to the candy stripers…

Sooo… I got Janette on the phone to chat with on the way in, and told her of my odd coffee-getting experience. But from there, the trip just got weirder. A flabby guy carrying (not riding!) a bike crossed the highway a half-mile in front of me… I’m thinking, “Hurry up, guy!” It was like a joke… “Why did the flabby guy cross the road?” “Because that bike won’t carry itself!”

I got off the main road to go toward work, and lost Janette on the phone… and saw a blue heron flying over the road. Okay, that’s cool, right? But blue herons are endangered water birds (I haven’t seen one since last time I was at Hagerman Wildlife Refuge on Lake Texoma), and where was the water? I was driving through an area west of town where the vegetation is mainly trees, tall grass, cactus, and yucca. Like I said, it was a weird morning.

I got Janette back on the phone, told her about the blue heron, and then saw a big black bull grazing. OUTSIDE of the fence. Right next to the road.

At this point I told Janette that if things got any weirder, I was going home. It’s a good thing I didn’t hold myself to it. I was asked to make some copies, which is normally not a big deal. On our floor, there are two copy rooms. I usually go to one in particular because the other is broken. Well, this morning, I got a system fault (which means “Something is wrong but the copier can’t self-diagnose it”) on my usual copier, and had to go to the copier on the opposite side of the floor. Where I proceeded to encounter eight billion paper jams (okay, three). It was altogether a pretty frustrating experience…

Copies in hand, I passed them out to the two teams, and then the coffee kicked in. So I headed off to the bathroom, where… of course! It was CLOSED FOR CLEANING. What a delightful morning. So I trudged off (quickly, mind you) to the other bathroom on the floor…

I’ve been pretty productive so far, but it’s just… a weird day. The morning is over now, just the afternoon to go. We’ll see how the rest of it shapes up.


One response to “a laid-back thursday into a weird friday

  1. Hopefully the afternoon will be nice and mellow with working copier machines, less coffee, and less endangered species.

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