my first Wurstfest

Well, even after going to school 15 miles away from New Braunfels for 4 years, this year I finally made it to Wurstfest – the 10 Day Salute to Sausage – for the first time. Adam met us at our apartment and we grabbed some tacos before driving up to New Braunfels to meet up with the rest of the bunch for an evening of beer, brats, and polka bands. I had already gotten into a silly little squabble with Ryan over whether or not I would be participating in the Chicken Dance – which is, of course, played by every band that plays at Wurstfest.

We made it up to New Braunfels shortly after 7pm, where we were to meet Jesse in a parking lot a few blocks away from the ‘Fest grounds. We found the parking lot, which was almost completely empty, except for a few people in orange vests who wanted to charge us $3 to park there. Instead, we headed back to the car, drove across the street, and parked at a paint store for free. Ryan worried that the parking lot mercenaries would mess with his car, but we assured him that the car would be fine – it’s New Braunfels, for crying out loud… not exactly a hotbed of criminal activity.

After we walked the few blocks to the site, we met up with Todd, John, John’s wife Mica, and Mica’s friend Molly. Later we found Michael, his fiancée Anna, and his dad. We all found a lot of Shiner Bock at the bar that was mere steps from where we’d parked ourselves in the Wurstfeste Halle (seen above). Most of my evening was spent drinking beer, making lame jokes about foods on a stick, drinking beer, and catching up with old college classmates that I hadn’t seen since, well, college. I did attempt the Chicken Dance to appease Ryan, but unfortunately I slipped on some spilled beer (um, probably my own) and busted my knee on the slippery floor. I made my way off the dance floor and waited with Adam until the song was over, when Ryan and Todd came back (finally) to check on me. I was fine, just embarassed, and as I was wearing some rather slick flip-flops I chose not to return for a second attempt at Chicken Dance injuries.

All in all, I think a good time was had by all. Ryan and I enjoyed Wurstkabobs, which was five kinds of sausage (kielbasa, cheese sausage, bratwurst, jalapeno sausage, and apple sausage) and a roll on a stick. Verrry tasty! We drove up to San Marcos after we decided to leave Wurstfest, where I fell asleep (as did Anna, Mica and Molly) and the guys played drinking games. We finally got home around 3am, when we promptly fell into bed.

I woke up around noon today, and cleaned the kitchen a bit (and loaded about 25 Wurstfest Cups into the dishwasher so our apartment wouldn’t smell like beer), and then grabbed some Thai take-out at the little restaurant down the street. Spent the afternoon watching “Beavis and Butthead Do America” because I’m home alone and I can watch stupid stuff like that when I’m alone! The dogs are asleep and I’m debating whether to take a nap or go to the store and get some hair dye to touch up my head before we go to San Marcos again tonight for our Saturday get-together… used to be “poker night” but now it’s host’s choice. Tonight we’re having board game night… but I’m certain it won’t be boring!


One response to “my first Wurstfest

  1. Sorry you do not like the chicken dance. I personally think the chicken dance rocks like geology :).

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