another night at Wurstfest

Now two points back from Los Angeles in the Pacific Division, the Dallas Stars won last night on the road against the (not so) Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, 3-1. They’ll play in Anaheim again on Wednesday, on Fox Sports Southwest, at 9:30… so if you’ve got it, watch it, and cheer on my Dallas Stars!

I recorded the game but didn’t get to see it because we were at Wurstfest again last night, this time with Ryan’s sister. Admission was free, as it was the last night of the Salute to Sausage, but that didn’t stop us from spending a few bucks on Wurstkabobs and a funnel cake. (I didn’t have any beer; Ryan and Robin didn’t have much.)

It was nice to walk around when it was less crowded, and watch the families there with their kids. One family in particular kept circling around the dance floor… a man and woman, and their son and daughter. They were really cute, and during a polka waltz the dad picked up his daughter and was dancing with her… and the mom did the same with her son. It was a lot of fun to watch them as they took pictures that they’ll probably look at years from now and remember how much fun it was to go to Wurstfest as a kid.

I was thinking last night about kids who grow up in New Braunfels, and how the festival is probably such a part of their lives. All of the town’s civic organizations have a booth or concession stand or something in the ‘Fest’s Marktplatz, including the high school band boosters, and I’d imagine that a first kiss or two has been sneaked while parents were Chicken Dancing away. But even with all the beer that flows through Wurstfest, it’s still one of the most wholesome events I’ve ever been to.

Robin gave us the scoop on how Meme is having quite a bit of distaste for us (me) right now, with our wedding planning and whatnot. I talked to my mom for about an hour yesterday and told her about the whole reception hall bait-and-switch attempt, and she said not to worry about it, to just do what we want to do. I think it’s going to come down to Ryan and I just planning the thing and not soliciting help from Meme, or just assigning her a task (DJ, catering, something like that) and doing the rest ourselves.

Priscilla is on board for bridesmaid duty, bringing my total to six. That’s still two short of Ryan, but hey… I figure his extra guys can walk my mom and his mom in and out, right?

Oh, we ended up skipping game night on Saturday in favor of staying closer to home, going to Johnny Carino’s for dinner, and watching “Pillow Talk”… well, part of it anyway, Ryan ended up falling asleep halfway through. But I finished it on Sunday. 🙂

I have a sore throat today so I hope I don’t have to do a lot of talking to anyone. I just want to sit and sip my gas-station chai (yay for Exxon half-price coffee Mondays) and keep my mouth shut (for once) and hope that I’m not really getting sick.


2 responses to “another night at Wurstfest

  1. Wishful thoughts

    Consider it mind over matter—and repeat after me, I’m not getting sick, I don’t have time to be sick, I don’t like being sick, thus I’m not going to get sick. 🙂

    I know we talked yesterday about the whole Meme thing but I still think your decision to quit placating her is a good one. Its your wedding, you tried to be nice and include in it but if she is going to be a pickle don’t let her rule or ruin you special day with the guy you love. Be strong and take a Halls cough drop.

  2. I second Janette’s thoughts, it is all mind over matter and that a Halls cough drop is a good idea. You could let her plan the punch flavors or where the chocolate chip cookies should go on the table at the reception. I hope that it all works out well and that you do not lose to much of your mind in setting up your wedding.

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