Well, after two full doses of cold medicine, Kleenex Anti-Viral tissues, and a few pumps of saline nasal spray, I am starting to feel less like a walking snot-bomb and more like an actual human being. Thank God.

I’ve spent the day picking up the living room, surfing for wedding-related info (mostly flowers and cakes), getting an updated copy of the contract for the TLU activity center, and taking the dogs out. Ryan and I went to a hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant just down the street in a little strip mall for a cheap, cheap, and filling lunch. (Free tea! More rice than I can shake a fork at! Super-lemony Lemon Chicken!) It was nice to see him in the middle of the day, a change from our usual routine of see one another in the morning, and not see each other again till the end of the day. The shake-up kind of made me think of the “Sex and the City” episode where Carrie wonders why Big keeps taking her to the same greasy-chopstick Chinese dive, and thinks maybe he’s hiding her from everyone else. Not that I’m being hidden… it was just that kind of place… cheap with great hot & sour soup!

So tonight we’re supposed to have the first of our last three dance lessons, now that we’ve been absent for the last two months. I’m kind of dreading going, as I think we may have forgotten most of what we learned. (Money well spent, right?) But on the other hand, it will be fun once we get there, I bet. That’s part of the reason we had trouble wanting to show up… it’s a little bit of a drive from our place, but once we get there we always enjoyed ourselves. Who knows, maybe our teacher will just move us on to something else instead of going over the SAME THREE DANCES we kept working on…

Anyway… just saw Ryan on the news, so I’m gonna wrap this up and see about some dinner. Hopefully I’ll be at work tomorrow!


One response to “better

  1. There’s nothing better for a cold than some nice hot and sour soup. I really miss the stuff the Gourmet Kitchen made…so heavenly. Have you heard that the place closed? Tragedy!

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