cough droppin’

Ohhhh, Halls Plus Cherry with Medicine Center, you are my healer today.

I’m actually feeling much better, not so much like moping around the house and bundling up in sweats. I’m at work today, although my boss is not, so it’s been a pretty slow morning. Thank goodness… I don’t know how much I really wanted to use my brain today.

Last night we ended up ditching our dance lesson (AGAIN!) in favor of going out to dinner with Amanda and Lisa, some former college classmates. Amanda’s actually the youth minister at the church I’ve been visiting (somewhat spottily lately). Anyway, we went to Alamo Cafe over on 281, where Ryan had fajitas (he ended up getting seconds because his order was REALLY SMALL for $9!), I had tamales, Lisa had… something… and Amanda had the tortilla soup, which with its fresh slices of avocado on top, looked really awesome. I don’t know, the tamales jumped out at me… and they were pretty good.

After dinner, we went to Barnes & Noble, where Ryan was looking for the Dave Ramsey book, “The Total Money Makeover.” I’m somewhat skeptical about self-help books, as my mom has bought, over the years, books ranging from how to get your household organized (it isn’t), how to manage your money (they don’t), how to do this and that and the other… and so the books just sit, collecting dust, wasting money, wasting space. I didn’t convey this reasoning to Ryan, just came off with my usual dose of cynicism, and really disappointed him. But in less than a year, we’ve almost paid off all the credit card debt, including my ring and our trip to Paris. There’s only one card to go, and the balance is much smaller than it was. I know that he wants to pay off all of our student loans and cars and everything NOW, but I think we’ve done well to pay off the cards with their higher interest rates, and then we can concentrate on the wedding (and NOT charging the wedding), and then work on loans and whatnot.

I think I’m also skeptical about any book about money because this book costs $25, and people who are in serious financial straits (we’re really not, but some people indeed are, and that’s who’s the target audience for this book is) don’t need to go out and buy this and all the other $25 financial fix-it books. They need to take that $25 and put it toward a bill, a balance, a budget! Dave Ramsey may have gotten himself out of financial ruin, but the fact that now he’s got these legions of financial followers who listen to his radio show, buy his books, and want to buy tickets to see him speak to them… it’s just silly to me. OF COURSE he has no debt, he has people who do have debt giving him their money? (And sure, he did it before he started making all the cash…. but COME ON, PEOPLE.)

I’m just a big jerk when it comes to stuff like this. Maybe I just think I’m more okay than I am. But I think that Ryan and I are smart enough people that we don’t need Dave Ramsey to hold our hand. Ryan wants to pay off our debt and still enjoy living. Well, what have we been doing for the past few months? We have a normal amount of debt for people our age who took out college loans and drive cars that work. (Mine didn’t, his was becoming a liability, hence we bought new cars.) We’re not rich, but we’ve only been out of school for 3 years. Not everyone who goes to college gets out and makes $50,000. And they’re the ones that are not going to know how to live on $20,000. I think that the fact that we’re making less money means that when we are making more money, we’ll know how to live with less, and we can save more.

Maybe it’s the cold medicine talking. Maybe I just hate talk radio. It’s not that I want to see us fall further into debt, but we’ve already made plans and taken action and gotten some results. I just don’t think we need the book to tell us how to do it.


2 responses to “cough droppin’

  1. I have a book–smart couples finish rich. Ya’ll can borrow it so ryan doesnt’ have to buy a book!

    Also, don’t you hate the latest halls commercial–with the 3 little pigs and the wolf–those are uber creepy. I think i’ll have to boycott Halls this season if they continue.

  2. I’ve only seen that commercial once, and it’s been a couple of weeks. But I think I do recall it being creepy… like kind of computer animated or something? Yeah, I’ll take the Charmin bears…

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