lazy-ish weekend

Conked out
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I spent a good part of the weekend working and cleaning, but all in all it felt pretty lazy. On Saturday, I went to work in the morning and then came home and picked up the house, made a cake for Mike’s birthday, and prepared snacks for Saturday’s game night. I still wasn’t sure what we were going to play, as all I have is Life and Scrabble. People filtered in between 7pm and 8pm, and around 8 we started Life, with about 7 people playing. (There are only 6 cars in the Life box, so Jesse’s “car” was a beer bottle cap that we just pitched pegs into as needed. I had forgotten that I have the NEW Life game, which has a lot of different rules and things, but it still turned out to be a lot of fun, and it took us quite a while to get through the game. Ryan’s mom came by for a little while during the game, too, with her “friend” Rick… they were visiting his cousin in the hospital and decided to come see us while they were in the neighborhood. I think that’s seriously the first time she’d been over since we moved in!

After Life, we sang “Happy Birthday” to Mike, and ate cake, and the smokers took a smoke break. We then settled in for a game we based on the board game “Loaded Questions.” I’d heard about the game but didn’t feel like shelling out for it, so instead we went around the circle and asked questions of our own. The “questioner” would ask, we’d all write down answers on a slip of paper and put them in a bucket, and then the person to the questioner’s left would read the answers out loud and the questioner would try to guess who answered what. For every right guess, they would get a point. During the second round, a right first guess got two points, and a right second guess got one point. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it, and we got to learn a little bit more about everyone’s personality.

Sunday I spent working on Brad’s wedding video, picking up the house a little bit, and hanging out with the dogs, who (thankfully) mostly wanted to nap in the pool of sunshine in the living room. Ryan and I had soup for dinner, and we went to bed around 11pm, with Ryan starting to feel sick. (I think he may have caught my cold, poor baby!!)

Overslept a little bit today, but I still got to work on time. Ryan had to work today too, but he has Saturday off while Janette’s here… so maybe we can go to the winery or something. We got to talk to Janette last night, and she’s pretty confident that she got the audit job, but she’ll hear officially today. It sounds like she’s got an extremely busy day today before heading down tomorrow afternoon… then she’ll be here early early (like 2am early!) on Wednesday morning. Hurrah!!


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