She’s here!!
Originally uploaded by sarahlonnevik.

After a LONG LONG LONG drive, Janette finally arrived this morning shortly before 7am. She was immediately greeted by two very excited puppies, one of whom she had met, the other… well, nothing really prepares you for TWO giddy pit bulls and their whapping tails…

We sat in the living room and chatted about Thanksgiving, about the drive, about the weather (we were watching the news), about how great Ryan looked on TV, about Jeff and her very first visit with him last night in Dallas (!!!!) and about just how good it was that she was finally finally finally here!!

At any rate, we stayed up and talked for a little while until I finally had to get ready for work, and she put on her pajamas and crashed on the couch, so tired that she didn’t even turn the light off! I turned it off for her and told her that if she woke up in need of Starbucks, she could call me and I’d guide her to one close by. (Or Ryan could take her, but he’s gotta sleep too… he just got off work at 9am!)

I don’t want to be at work, I want to be at home hanging out with Janette and Ryan! Even if we’re all just taking a nap… it just kills me that I have to be here knowing she’s in town…

Ah well… there’s always tonight!


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