the big visit

Janette’s visit was so much fun… but it didn’t last nearly long enough. Wednesday night after I got off work, she and Ryan and I went out for sushi at Goro’s, and I think we managed to convert her to the delicious delights there. After dinner, we went to the Flying Saucer for some brews and fun conversation, and then met up with Todd, Rachel, Adam, and Megan at the Bombay Bicycle Club down by the zoo. They had margaritas on special for $2, and while they weren’t the greatest margaritas I would have liked Janette to drink, at least they were cheap. I only had one and then switched to soda so that we could make it home (it’s a little farther home from there than it is from the Saucer) and we left around 1am (I think!).

When we got home, I looked up a recipe for Watergate Salad to take over to Meme’s for Thanksgiving dinner, and headed up to HEB in the middle of the night so I wouldn’t have to brave the crowds on Wednesday morning. While it wasn’t as busy as it would have been during daylight hours, there were still more shoppers than I had expected. I suppose they all had the same idea that I had. I helped a woman get the cranberry sauce she needed (it was way back on the top shelf! she couldn’t reach!) and picked up Janette’s french fried onions for her green bean casserole. Headed home, threw everything on the counter and fridged the Cool Whip, and hit the sack around 2:30am.

Thanksgiving was a long, long day. Ryan went to work and Janette and I got up to work on our holiday dinner delights. We made an executive decision to leave the dogs at home (they would have been more miserable having to behave in an unfamiliar house) and headed across town to Meme’s, side dishes in tow. We got there around noon and ate around 1pm, and spent the next several hours playing games, talking, and (at least I was) praying that the wedding wouldn’t come up during the marathon conversation. It didn’t, and Ryan finally arrived around 7pm (even though he was hoping to get off work early…), and we all ate again. Finally went home shortly before 9pm. Funny, I can’t remember what we did after that…

Friday, Janette and I lazed around for most of the day, watched Sex and the City, went to Starbucks, and had leftovers. When Ryan got home, we played urbanites and went to Piatti, that fabulous Italian restaurant over at the Quarry. The food was fantastic, of course, but we were a teensy bit disappointed that they’re now on their fall menu (I guess we weren’t introduced to it until spring/summer) and they had neither Ryan’s spinach cream pasta that he loves so much, nor my gnocchi in buttery leek sauce. But Janette had the Pappardelle with big Texas Gulf shrimp, and I had a tasty chicken with zucchini ribbons in a suga rosa (which I found out was a creamy tomato sauce). Ryan’s canelloni wasn’t exactly what he wanted (“I’m just not in a tomato-y mood”) but he ate it anyway, and we all drank too much fruit tea and had a great time talking and laughing over a fine dinner.

After Piatti, we went to the Oak Hills Tavern Jazz Annex to check out who they had playing. I didn’t catch the name of the trio, but I think they just didn’t have one. The guys in the band, though, did have names – JP played a mean jazz guitar, Chuck slapped the bass, and John blew some soulful sax (and even the flute). We had a great time having cocktails, tapping our feet, and laughing together over some fabulous music. I had a couple of Manhattans and a Cosmopolitan (must be that we watched too much Sex and the City earlier in the day). Discovered that despite the fact that it’s basically whiskey and grenadine, I do kind of like Manhattans. We went home around 12:30am, buzzed and tired and happy.

The next day we woke up and got dressed up a little bit, and Ryan set up his camera and light kit and we all took pictures around the Christmas tree, with and without the dogs. (I’ll post those when we get them back!) Later we went to Dry Comal Creek, tasted a ton of wine (including the new Comal Red V!!) and showed Janette why Texas wine is so fantastic. Ryan and Janette picked up 10 bottles of wine between the two of them, and she also got a jar of habanero jerk jam and a Black Spanish t-shirt. We went by TLU, and managed to run across the campus pastor, who let us into the chapel so that we could show Janette where we’re getting married. Pastor Greg also told us a few things that will probably help in planning (like the fact that we can put up a PowerPoint presentation on the big screen during the ceremony! how cool is that?!) and we all wandered around the chapel, marveling at the stained glass windows, the huge pipe organ, and the magnificent graceful arches inside. I felt very peaceful about our decision to get married there… I really couldn’t imagine doing it anywhere else.

We came back to San Antonio and went to the Riverwalk, where we had a tasty dinner at the Republic of Texas restaurant (even though the service was abysmal) and walked up and down a section of the gorgeous San Antonio River, which had been lit the night before for the holidays with 122,000 twinkling lights dangling from the trees. We left a little early, because we wanted to get back home and drink some wine, but we did see a bagpiper near a Via bus stop and showed her the Torch of Friendship sculpture. It was her last night in town, and the Riverwalk was the perfect way to wrap up the trip.

We went home (by way of HEB for snacks), opened a bottle of spumante and had crackers and cream cheese and habanero jerk jam, and then a bottle of Comal Red V with chocolate. Yummmm. Finished off the last few episodes of Sex and the City, all the way through the end of the series (we’d started on Season 6 part 2 early in the day). Decided it was the perfect ending, then watched the other (imperfect) endings and some special features and stuff. Ryan lay down and Janette and I commandeered the computer and burned her four hours of music to listen to on the way back to Joplin, then we all went to sleep.

Sunday morning, Ryan got up and went to work, and after a little bit Janette and I went to Chacho’s for the required breakfast tacos and then she treated me to Starbucks before she dropped me off at home. I gave her different directions so she wouldn’t have to go through Oklahoma City again, and then we said our (misty-eyed) goodbyes, I got out of the car, and she was off. It still seems like the four and a half days she was here was just not enough. I’ll be so glad to see her again in December when we head up to J-town for her graduation!!


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  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic holiday weekend! I hope I can make it down to San Antonio again; I would love to go to the Riverwalk with you and Ryan. That might be something to do for the new year.

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