Owwww!! Originally uploaded by sarahlonnev…

Originally uploaded by sarahlonnevik.

Oh, I forgot to post this picture here. I was working out (either adduction or abduction, hell, I can’t remember which one) and saw this warning label on the stack of weights on the machine, and it reminded me a little of the warning label I stole from a Coke machine back in college that had the machine falling on a guy. Wow.

Anyway, I was disturbed, and thought everyone else should be, too.


One response to “Owwww!! Originally uploaded by sarahlonnev…

  1. Wishful thoughts

    Really that picture reminded me of the whole McDonald’s coffee fiasco and all the other seemingly ridiculous warning labels that are out there taking up space on our favorite products….but the statement is true, if there is a warning label on something it means that someone tried it thereby reassuring me that sometimes people really are as stupid as they appear.

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