fuzzy green yarn and stuff

Earlier this week I got a ball of yarn in the mail. As random as this may seem, I actually signed up for it as a free sample a while back, and had totally forgotten about it until I re-read the message board thread where I’d heard about it a few days ago. And lo and behold, the next day I got a big soft lumpy package stuffed in our teeny mailbox… a ball of Bernat Disco in Jungle Green. Woohoo!

Last night my Disco and I sat down on the couch and watched the news and Friends and part of Letterman with Ryan, and I mused for a while over what to do with it. I decided that I’m selfish and in love with the yarn, so I want to make something for myself. (Hey, why not?) I picked up a crochet hook and idly looped a few chain stitches, and pondered a hat, but then thought, nah, I don’t really wear hats very much. So I pulled out the stitches, and went and picked out my bulkiest pair of knitting needles and decided I’d just knit myself a soft and funky scarf to wear over the next few (cooler) months. I only did a few rows, and it’s only about 10 stitches wide, but I’m just doing it in garter stitch (that’s knitting every stitch on every row, unlike stockinette stitch, in which you knit one row, purl one row) so it’s super-easy and stretchy and chunky. It’ll be pretty light, but I’m making it narrow so I can get away with using one ball of yarn instead of having to go actually spend money.

I’ve been toying with the notion of seeing what it would take to get my teaching certification and becoming a teacher, but there are several obstacles in my way. First of all, the first summer session next year is on my WEDDING DAY (June 3rd, if you’re counting) and so that’s just, um, not gonna work. Second, I don’t have the multi-thousands it’ll take for the classes, tests, fees, blah blah blah that I would need. Okay, so that’s it, really. Meanwhile, I got an email today from a hit on my Monster resume from a firm in Austin that makes server monitoring devices, for a PR writing job. I think I applied to this one because I could work from home. I wonder if I could do this job in addition to my regular job? We’ll see… I’m gonna fill out the little questionnaire they sent me and figure out how I can fax it back to them, since I have no fax machine at home, and it would be unseemly to fax it from work… I might have to solicit some long-distance help.

Planning on staying late at work tonight (I took a lunch break today for the first time all week… I had to do it!) and then go home and work out, and eat dinner, and work on my scarf some more. For the first time all week, I have no reason to leave the house after work (no wedding stuff! no bowling!) except to go to the gym, and I am THRILLED. We’ve been going out and about entirely too much for my homebody-self.

Oh! And a congratulatory mention, my cousin Anna Lee in Montana is engaged! WOOHOO!!


One response to “fuzzy green yarn and stuff

  1. I feel ya–I could use some homebody time myself. I think I might be able to get some on Sunday!

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