doggie names

Stolen from Sara, who stole it from somewhere else…

Barker, Hailey

Secret Actual Names:
Bob Vladimir Putin Tony Barker Loyd, Hailey

Names According To Ryan:
Barkerness, Haileyness

Names According To Sarah:
Poopie, Hailey Bailey

Nicknames When Bad:

Nicknames When Playing With Toys:
Crazy Dog, Silly Girl

Nicknames When Sitting:
Good Boy, Miss Hailey

Nicknames When Cuddling at 11pm:
Precious Puppies

Nicknames When Hogging Covers at 4am:
Dammit Dog!


2 responses to “doggie names

  1. I knew you would do this entry! Yay for precious puppies.

  2. Barker looks sexy in that picture!

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