Saturday night was… weird. We arrived at Adam’s, only to find that his apartment was seemingly all torn up, and there was a note in a cooler (along with some beer) that we would have to solve the clues to find Adam. I (correctly, turns out) guessed that he was at Bar America, but despite my overarching desire to just stay home, the hunt for Adam was kind of fun.

At the end of the night, several of us were getting hungry because Adam had wanted us over there between 7:00 and 7:15, and we hadn’t had time to eat dinner. So by the time we found Adam and had a drink, it was 11pm and Ryan and I were fairly famished. We ended up at the Pig Stand downtown, where everyone induldged in chicken fried steak and milkshakes (I had a BLT and water, though). Ryan and I left shortly thereafter and we were glad to be home. The whole evening was just kind of strange, though, because it involved a lot of driving and too much thinking (bring on the board games next time) and not enough drinking. (Is that sad?)

Sunday involved mostly ironing and editing the video from Saturday night and lazing around with the dogs. Last night I made a lentil soup with bacon, celery, and onion, which turned out pretty well, I think. Ryan and I drank a bottle of Comal Red V while we watched Nick at Nite, and I went to bed around 11:30. It was a nice, low-key evening, especially since it was dramatically colder yesterday than it was on Saturday (which was quite warm).

The cold made it hard to get up this morning… I really just wanted to stay in bed with Ryan and the dogs, and not go to work. But them’s the breaks. I went to fill up my car on the way to work and scraped up a buck to get some coffee, and the guy in the gas station was wearing a Hawaiian shirt (he had an Eastern European accent and was ribbing me and some of the other customers about being so cold… it was pretty funny).

Tonight is Ryan’s second groom fitting, this time with the shawl collar tuxedo. I’m excited to see how it looks! I’ve found my dream wedding dress on eBay, but still don’t have the cash to buy it. So hopefully it’ll be available if/when I do have the money! Otherwise, I’ll just wear my mom’s veil and a white shirt and jeans. And white flip-flops. Ha… that would go over well…


3 responses to “scavenging

  1. Ohhh yes, the cold weather makes it so dang hard to get out of bed, doesn’t it? Texas weather is so weird.

    Too bad you weren’t at Vespers–Trish and I went on Friday. But it definitely wasn’t a “blow-you-away” performance. We felt like we were waiting to feel the feeling of Vespers. . .you know what I’m talking about, right? the “wow” feeling?. . .and we just never felt it. Other alumni felt the same. I don’t know what it was. Anyway, we saw some old friends and it was fun. I guess what I’m saying is, you didn’t miss too much. BUT, something about Vespers always puts me in the Christmas spirit, regardless of whether or not I was blown away by the performance.

  2. Wishful thoughts

    Your mom’s veil I understand but girl we need to talk if you are thinking a white shirt, jeans and flip flops….Texas has gone to your head!!!!!

    LOL 🙂

  3. If you wear the jeans and flip flop combination, does that mean everyone else gets to were shorts and birkenstocks?

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