cool and cold

Yesterday was cold, today even colder. Last night we went out for sushi and then moseyed over to the tux rental place, where we finally picked out Ryan’s groom’s tux and also what the guys will be wearing next June 3rd. We decided on a 2-button shawl collar tux with a white vest and white long tie for Ryan, and a 1-button shawl collar with a black vest and black long tie for the groomsmen. Even in the awful fluorescent light of Ascot Tuxedos, Ryan looked so good I just wanted to cry, or get married right there in the dressing room, or both.

Anyway, back in street clothes, we drove across town and took a couple of CDs and some photos to Ryan’s mom. We met her at her house (usually we’re over at Meme’s), which was a nice change. She and Cowboy were lounging around, watching Discovery Health (of all things, but damn does that channel suck you in!), and we just hung out there for about 45 minutes. I showed her the pictures we took of the tuxes, and we looked at the photos from her graduation, and it was just a pleasant little visit. As we were leaving, she told me that we needed to get together and go shopping so she could buy me a Christmas present. I feel like she’s really trying to include me in the family, and that makes me feel really good.

I’m interested in learning more about videoblogging, or vlogging, or whatever… videomoblogging? Anyway, I have this little video camera on my phone, and I want to use it for more than just sending stuff to Ryan. Unfortunately, it seems to send everything out in QuickTime. D’oh!! Any ideas?


3 responses to “cool and cold

  1. Wow! Ryan looks terriffic! I can’t wait for us to get all dressed up! Who is cowboy?

  2. The tux looks great Ry-Dog. Good choice!

  3. Good looking Tux

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