doom! gloom! and black ice!

Ryan did his second day of his three-day stint on the morning show today, and the news managers had brought in two other reporters to supplement the AM coverage of what they branded the “Winter Blast.” (Um, it’s December, why are we all sooooo surprised?) Words like “black ice,” “road crew,” “drive slow,” and “possible road closures” were thrown around like paper balls in an unruly classroom, scaring the bejesus out of me, as I had a 20-mile commute to the outskirts of town ahead of me.

So I scraped myself out of bed, took a quick shower, got dressed in a rush, and was in my car by 8:15, leaving plenty of time to get to work by 9am. Usually the drive takes 25 minutes. Today, it turns out, was no different. My slower driving speed was evidently mockworthy, as big F-250s and Excursions flew by me on the loop, and later, on the highway out of town. I didn’t encounter a fleck of ice, but I was careful, as I had promised Ryan and myself. I drove 10 miles below the speed limit for most of the commute, much to the chagrin of my fellow travelers.

At any rate, despite my caution, I still got to work around 8:40. Seems the slow speed was tempered by the fact that there weren’t as many people on the road… most of them, evidently, had succumbed to the temptation that I’d faced around 7:30… whether or not to stay in bed, where it was nice and warm. I was in the building and at my desk by 8:45, so hey… 15 minutes of extra pay.

All that said, it IS cold. Last time I checked (around 12:30) it was 34 degrees, plenty chilly for us South Texans. Of course, the golf course down the road is still as green as it was in April. Go figure.

Planning on staying a little late today. Last night Ryan slept until about 8:00, and then woke up and hung out with me before he had to go to work. Oh, and I forgot to mention, during the “Winter Blast” last night, our power went out for the better part of an hour, and Ryan had to take a shower and get dressed in the dark. And to think, we had JUST turned the heater on! Oh well, I left it off while I was asleep, even after the power came on, opting to use doggy body heat and two blankets instead.

I hope all of the idiots who were zipping down the road on the way in this morning will have zipped home by the time I leave tonight. I don’t know what the road conditions will be like when I head out, but I’m sure my former colleagues in the news business will have a lot to say about it. Okay, I shouldn’t make fun, as there were some legitimately bad driving conditions north of here (Austin, New Braunfels, Dallas), but SA was just cold and we all got freaked out…


One response to “doom! gloom! and black ice!

  1. Austin really wasn’t that bad, either. It’s just that no one knows how to drive in slippery conditions, so everyone freaks out at the tiniest bit of ice on the road. At least I got a snow day out of it.

    BTW do you want to come to my Christmas party on the evening of the 17th? Both you and Ryan are invited 😀

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