hanging at home

Went to work today, but also got some work done at home – I built a menu for Brad’s wedding DVD, which was a little harder than I remembered. But I managed to get it to look the way I wanted, and hopefully Brad and Wendi will enjoy the work that Ryan and I put into it.

Last night we went downtown with Todd, Rachel, Jesse, and Adam. We were gonna go to Pat O’Brien’s, but ended up at Club Sirius (aka the tiniest bar in the world) for $3 Dos Equis, then moseyed back to Bar America to wrap up the night. We got home around 1:30.

Ryan was supposed to start his vacation tomorrow, but (of course) the station called him in to work the morning show tomorrow. He has to be in at 3am, but he’s still up waiting for his story to come on, even though I’ve been urging him to go to sleep!

Just three days of work before we head north to Joplin… I’m sooooo excited!! I can’t wait to see everyone!


3 responses to “hanging at home

  1. I’m sure we’ll love it. Thanks to you and Ryan for all the hard work. I can’t wait to see it. Drive safe, and I’m looking forward to the Creamery get-together.


  2. Wohooo, cant wait to go to Joplin

  3. Almost time…..tick, tick, tick the countdown has begun!! 🙂

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