graduation day

Today’s the day! Janette’s graduation is this morning in just over an hour. I’m so excited that we are here to share the day with her and celebrate her accomplishments.

Yesterday we went to KSN and visited with a bunch of our old co-workers. It’s amazing what’s changed, and what many things have stayed the same. After our visit, we went to have sushi with Priscilla, Toni and Jason, and Mike and Jill and their baby Madalen. We all had a wonderful time catching up with one another, and got to be entertained by Madalen’s baby antics. Moved on to the Gateway Creamery around 8 to have drinks and dessert; Chris (aka Shrimpboat), Lauren (a newer reporter at KSN), Brad, Wendi, and Alyce met us there a little bit later. We enjoyed some more conversation before we watched Brad and Wendi’s wedding video at their house, and also got to see this year’s blooper tape from KSN (the Christmas tape).

Ryan, Jeff, Janette and I got back to Janette’s around midnight, and enjoyed two bottles of champagne and some cheese and crackers in her kitchen and living room. We all talked about the future and school and things we want out of life, and we had a great time staying up talking.

It’s almost time for us to head over to the college and then to enjoy the day with Janette!


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