The interview went well this afternoon, by the way. I talked with John, the head of compensation for Citi’s RDNA for about an hour. I really like his style! He emphasized over and over that his team works hard, but has fun, and that he thinks it’s great when people come in with an eye for advancing within the organization. I most likely won’t find anything out until after New Year’s, because he’s heading back to Dallas this week and then has vacation next week. But after meeting him, I really really really hope I get this job, because hey… his philosophy is to pay people what their experience and skillset dictates, and I think my skillset is pretty darned good. And I felt like I was able to effectively answer every question that he had, and he really put me at ease.

Ohhhhh man, I hope I get it!!


2 responses to “interviewed

  1. I hope you do to. Glad that it went well and I will keep you and Ryan in my prayers, seeing as I hope you both get offers for the jobs you all interviewed for.

  2. Wishful thoughts

    I’ll cross my fingers, toes and spin around three times for good luck so that you have the best possible odds on your side. But I know that if this individual has an ounce of common sense he will be calling you today with an offer 🙂 You’re the best person for the job!!!

    BTW–I’m leaving for WI around noon and my charger will be arriving in WI on Wed by noon. I’ll call upon arrival in WI 🙂

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