tripped out

Enjoying drinks
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Wow… I love seeing friends but I love being home again. (Note: This does not mean I love being at work again.)

I had a great time visiting, and I will post graduation pictures when I get them. We went to the ceremony and Janette was toward the front of the crowd, and we all cheered and clapped and got rowdy when she walked the stage. We finally found her after the ceremony and congratulated her and decided to go to Johnny Carino’s for lunch, which was delicious.

After lunch, we went to the mall to look for wedding rings, and although I was extremely tired and bitchy and wanting to be out of my pantyhouse and heels, Ryan found one that he and I both really liked – and we were surprised that it was two-toned. At any rate, we got back to the hotel and were all pretty cranky after being out in the cold and the mall traffic, so the guys went their separate ways and Janette and I sipped Irish cream and watched “Sabrina.”

Saturday afternoon was largely occupied by drinking, drinking, drinking. Pam and Nelly came over, and later Priscilla and Kraus joined in. We all played the loaded questions game, and had a great time, but by the time the news came on we were all really tired and almost everybody was pretty schnockered. So after watching a little bit of Saturday Night Live, we went upstairs and went to sleep.

Slept in a little later on Sunday than I would have liked, so we were late in getting to packing and loading the car. After saying our goodbyes, we stopped at McDonald’s for a bite, then we were on the road in earnest by noon.

We stopped in Sherman and met my folks at the theatre, then went out to dinner at City Limits. It was fun to catch up, but I wish that we could see my parents for longer than just the on-the-way visits that we tend to pay them. I realized over dinner that Ryan and my mom have a lot in common, especially the way they both take their time when ordering food. (And then they both ordered chicken fried steak!)

Got back on the road, dropped Jeff off at his place in Dallas, and then finally headed south on our last leg of the journey. Got in around 2am, bed around 3am, and woke up around 8:15am (ugh!!). Tonight I need to go work out, but at the same time… I might just want to go to bed around 8pm.

All in all, the trip was wonderful, but I wish that we’d had more time with Janette. She’ll be down a week from Wednesday for New Year’s, though, so I can’t wait!!


One response to “tripped out

  1. Wishful thoughts

    It was so much fun visiting with you when you were in Joplin….although I do agree with you that even more time together would have been wonderful. But look at it this way. NEXT WEEK on Wednesday I’ll be driving down to SA and will be taking perm. residence there. So hard to believe that the final leg of the transition will be occurring next week. So have fun at work today, go to bed early and call me if you have time.


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