This morning I am enjoying the delightful scent of Bath & Body Works’ Coconut Lime Verbena body cream. I bought it in Joplin when my skin was getting parched by the cold weather and the heaters that seemed to be blasting everywhere we went. This stuff is so great… it totally takes me out of the fact that it’s winter and my throat hurts and my nose is stuffy. Well, maybe not totally. But it does manage to kind of relax me and perk me up a little bit, and it makes my hands feel good.

I actually got to talking yesterday during my interview about my senior seminar. I couldn’t believe it came up! He asked what my special work had been in college, though, so I told him about how I researched Bath & Body Works and how their stores convey a constructed notion of country. Nowadays, the focus seems to be less on country and more on a spa atmosphere… but then again, Bath & Body Works has changed a lot in four years! I never begrudged the store to be that way, it was just an observation.

Ahhh, coconutlimeverbena, you make me so placid.

Last night was so busy!! I got home from work, and a few minutes later we piled ourselves and the dogs back into the car to go to The Shops at La Cantera, a monstrous shopping mecca on the west side of San Antonio. Meme had given Ryan some money to pick up a particular cologne for his cousins’ Christmas presents. Rather than wait for a parking spot to open up, I stayed in the car with the dogs and just situated myself right near the store he was going into. After that, we went by the Sprint store so I could return my Bluetooth headset… while it’s a cool concept, the process of setting it up just… pisses me off every time. So I got a Jabra Earwave corded earpiece with a boom mic that I like just fine, thank you. One button. Plug it in, it’s on. Unplug it, it’s off. Cheers for some semblance of simplicity and safety.

Annnyway… after we left the Sprint store we swung by Petsmart (Lauren, that’s how I get around the spelling dilemma!) and picked up some rawhide strips and a new Gentle Leader for Barker, who ate the clips off of his while we were in Joplin. Then it was off to Meme’s house for supper, and then finally home again. I was so tired by the time we got home (it was almost 10:30, and I had only had 5 hours of sleep the night before) that I went right to bed.

Woke up more refreshed this morning, although I think a few more 8-hour nights are in order before I feel 100%. I feel guilty about begging off the gym last night but it was LATE and I didn’t want to work out right before sleep. Tonight’s bowling night, so maybe tomorrow I can get a really good workout in.

Not sure what the plan is for Christmas stuff this weekend, but we got my grandparents’ gifts in the mail from Montana yesterday! Ryan has to work this weekend, which really sucks. I just hope that he and I can find some time to spend with just one another (and Barker and Hailey, of course!).


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  1. Merry Christmas! I hope you, Ryan and the pups have a wonderful holiday and new year! Drink some new year’s champagne for me!

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