christmas lists

All right… I have to admit, I am pretty danged broke this year. So here is the list of things that, if money and logic were of no concern, I would be getting for certain people:

  • Ryan: An awesome Mac on which he could edit movies and videos and burn DVDs without glitches. And a really great suit that he would love.
  • Mom: A sweet computerized sewing machine with all the cool embroidery functions.
  • Dad: An extra day off or two to ride his motorcycle every week, and a shopping spree at Lowe’s.
  • Jake: A good haircut, a nice suit, and a full ride to TLU.
  • Janette: A digital video camera so she can record all of her interesting journeys on the road in the months ahead.
  • Rachael: A dark red velvet chaise lounge, but certainly nothing from Victoria’s Secret!
  • Jeff: An electric razor. Heehee.
  • Trish: A wedding planner.
  • Lauren: A guitar, so she could be her own dream come true, and a deep freeze for the penguins.
  • Barker: The biggest rawhide bone I could find, and a big yard in which he could run himself silly.
  • Hailey: A fancy bed to lay in (that she couldn’t chew up), and a big box of dog cookies.

Funny, I can’t really think of anyTHING that I want for Christmas. I’ve already got so much!


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