weird bathroom visit

Okay, I don’t usually blog about the goings-on in the bathroom, but this afternoon I overheard two women at the sink discussing tractors (one was buying one, and asking the other for a recommendation). It went something like:

Buyer: My husband is looking for a tractor, what kind did you just buy?
Owner: A (some sort) of front-loader…
Buyer: Oh, that’s too bad, we’re looking for a backloader…

Seemed weird at the time… Then I was serenaded by the “Humming Cleaning Lady,” who always seems to make cleaning rounds while I’m in a stall. Today she’s humming Christmas hymns. Oh, and she almost came through the wall of my stall via the trash receptacle (which is, apparently, shared with the stall on the other side).

Just an all-around weird bathroom break, I think…


2 responses to “weird bathroom visit

  1. ha. women and tractors. only in texas. sounds like a merry christmas from the family moment!

  2. This post alone would have given away that you are from Texas, Sarah.

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