on the other side

It’s been a long Christmas weekend, even though I really didn’t have any time off. Friday afternoon I did get off early, as all of my team had left on “VTO” – voluntary time off. Apparently Christmas-itis got the best of everyone. Having no one to support, I went to David’s Bridal with the intent of looking at the new wedding dress styles, but they didn’t have them in. I looked at bridesmaids’ dresses and decided that we’re all going to wear jeans. (Okay, that’s not true, but this is getting frustrating.)

Friday night we went over to Meme’s house for a little while, where I met Ryan’s aunt, uncle, and cousins from Florida, then went to Ryan’s mom’s place to open gifts with her. She got us a Texas-shaped dinner bell (like an old chuckwagon triangle) and a new rotating spice rack, plus some DVDs, a candle holder, and some new clothes for Ryan. Saturday Ryan had to work, so I slept in a little bit (but not much) and busied myself with last-second shopping for his grandmother and trying to wrap the gifts. After Ryan got off work, we picked up Robin and went to his great aunt’s house, where I met some more of his dad’s family, and got a few trinkets from his folks. Later we went back to Meme’s, for more family time, and the big Christmas present opening event that ended up in piles and piles of wrapping paper. I got a new bathrobe from Meme, which I like a lot… in fact, I spent most of Sunday in it. I think too much ham got the best of me Saturday night/Sunday morning, so I spent part of the morning sick to my stomach. Ugh.

Christmas Day I ended up sleeping in, finally getting to sleep after the miserable night. I woke up and watched “White Christmas” and thoroughly enjoyed it, although I don’t usually enjoy watching Christmas movies by myself. Mindlessly scanned VH1 in the afternoon, then watched the news, and went back to Meme’s (for the third night in a row!) after Ryan got home. We ate Christmas Day dinner (distinguished from Christmas Eve dinner by the added presence of turkey, ribs, mashed potatoes, broccoli rice casserole, and a ton of dessert) and visited a little bit more with his family. We left around 9:30 (Friday and Saturday we’d stayed until about 1am!) and went home to drink some wine, open the dogs’ stockings, and just unwind. I called my parents and grandparents, and we went to bed around midnight.

Today I’m back at work, but VTO is threatening to end my day early again. It’s so slow, so I’m trying to stretch my time as much as I can. Oh, I’m supposed to hear back on that job I interviewed for either this week or next week. I got a call from the guy on Friday; he was just checking in and seeing if I had any more questions and letting me know that all of my references spoke highly of me. (Yay!) Here’s hoping that this opens up a new chapter in my life!


One response to “on the other side

  1. Sounds like a busy, but fun time! That’s really sweet that his Mom put a stocking up for you!

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