been better

I never did make it to the gym last night, the evening instead taken up by cleaning and ironing and my general moaning over how much I loathe housework. I really need a better attitude about it all, as it’s a necessary evil (um, that wasn’t a good start), and it has to be done whether I like it or not, so I might as well like it.

That’ll happen.

Warning: Entry gets kinda gross after this, avoid reading ruther if you are eating.

Anyway, due to the (made-up) fact that I inhaled approximately 8.2 pounds of dust while cleaning my room, my head is now very stuffy and I sneezed a lot last night, and woke up this morning with a head full of snot instead of dust. Funny how those mucus membranes work. Compound that with the dubious delights of being a woman in the prime of her life, and the still-sore muscles in my legs from Monday’s workout, and I’ve definitely been better.

Okay, gross-ness over. Those with stomachs of less than steel may re-join us now.

I’m not in a bad mood overall, though, as Janette gets in tonight (albeit with a U-Haul!) and there isn’t that much more to do in the house. I feel hella guilty that I am less than enthusiastic about housecleaning but still reap the emotional rewards of being relieved when the work is done. Mostly that relief, as I said, is tempered with the guilt that I am a crappy housewife (“housefiance” doesn’t work, let’s be honest) and I just don’t do cleaning very well. I never have, ask anyone in my family!

What needs to happen, obviously, is that this million-dollar career needs to materialize so Ryan can quit his job and take care of our (modest but) lovely home. I am more than happy to go to work and be the breadwinner, if only I could find a job that would allow that to happen. If everyone who read this blog gave me a thousand dollars… I’d still have to work. Okay, so I’m still working on it.

In other, non-housekeeping news, I’ve booked yet another appointment at David’s Bridal on Friday evening so Janette can see me at least once in a wedding dress that I can’t afford, and perhaps help me alter my tastes to something not in the $600+ budget. And I want to see bridesmaid dresses on something besides a hanger, because I’m starting to hate them all, and I’m sure they look lovely on actual people instead of on catalog pages in friggin’ Periwinkle. What the hell kind of color is Periwinkle, anyway? Does anyone even HAVE Periwinkle as one of their colors since the 1970s ended???

Sorry, Bridezilla rant. Going to my happy place now.


One response to “been better

  1. Gross paragraph…you just described my day as well. Pretty much to the T. Dust=sore throat, ichy nose, nasty mucus. Special time of the month…

    Men could never possibly feel as bad as we do!

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