on the hopeful front

I got two phone calls of note this morning; one from my potential new boss, and one from his soon-to-be-former assistant in Dallas. The first was to reassure me that they’re still moving along with the process but they’ve been stalled by the holidays, and to make sure I was still interested. (I am!) The second was to let me know that they were emailing me a job application that I needed to fill out very carefully, because “any errors could result in the offer being rescinded.” I didn’t know there was an offer! Am I reading too much into this? Nahh….

At any rate, I’ve filled out and faxed the application back to her and now I’m just hoping that this will all turn from a search to a transition very soon. The job sounds like a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge, rather than just the random bits of stuff that I seem to do right now. Plus, the idea of supporting one person instead of three teams and several managers is very, very appealing.

Janette, accompanied by Nelly, Pam, Nelly’s truck, and a U-Haul trailer, got in around 2am Thursday, and yesterday (after sleeping) they moved all of Janette’s stuff into her room. Granted, most of it is still in boxes, but it’s here. Nelly and Pam left yesterday afternoon before I got home, so I didn’t get to say goodbye to them. But Janette, of course, is still here, and last night we went to Chili’s for a low-key evening of conversation, drinks, and free chips & salsa. (Hooray for Happy Hour!)

This morning it was tough to get up, compounded by the fact that it was warm last night and we left the window open in our room, and then it was a little chillier this morning. Finally got up, showered, and dressed, then inhaled a bowl of cereal while talking with Janette, who was already awake and reading on the couch. I drew a map for her with places of interest in our general area, including Target, the Thai restaurant, Wal-Mart, three malls, and the grocery store. Last I heard, she was finding bookshelf bargains at Target.

Tonight Jeff arrives in from Dallas, and tomorrow afternoon Janette, Veronica, Jeff and I are going to David’s Bridal to continue looking at/for wedding/bridesmaid dresses. (Jeff is being dragged along, I’m sure he’s not really going by choice.) Then tomorrow evening we’re doing New Year’s at Veronica’s house, because (a) she has a house, (b) she lives in town, and (c) Brian gave her a chocolate fountain for Christmas, and we have to put it to work! We were going to do the ranch again this year with Ryan’s friends, but since it’s all the way out in George West and Ryan has to work on Sunday, we figured we’d better stay in town so we wouldn’t have to worry about the long drive back the next day.

It’s a very slow Friday, which should be a nice prelude to a weekend that looks to be somewhat busy, but not crazy. I’m glad to be home and surrounded with friends and not obligated to anything one way or another… it’s nice to just be sometimes.


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