2005 in review

Okay, let’s make this quick. I don’t want to go on and on about everything, but feel like I should do some sort of retrospective look back… which will likely leave out a bunch of stuff.

January: Newly settled in San Antonio, I was job-hunting really hard and getting really depressed about the employment landscape down here.

February: Worked briefly as both a credit-card-point-of-sale-machine salesperson and as an admin at a car dealership. Both jobs lasted a week. Saw Rascall Flatts at the rodeo with Ryan. Interviewed with KENS and Adecco.

March: Hired at both KENS and Adecco. Went to Paris. Got engaged!! Came back from Paris, kept working.

April: Mostly un-noteworthy. Worked a bunch.

May: Celebrated Barker’s first birthday.

June: Went to Sherman to visit my parents.

July: Turned 25. Sara came down to visit. Adopted Hailey. Went to Port Aransas with Ryan and the two dogs.

August: Wondered why we got two dogs. 😉

September: Didn’t get paid for Labor Day. Was informed it was because I wasn’t working 40-hour weeks. Considered leaving KENS. Celebrated Ryan’s birthday at Piatti. Saw Manu Ginobili on the patio.

October: Left KENS. Rediscovered the joys of sleeping in on Saturdays.

November: Worked a bunch of overtime at Citi to make up for leaving KENS. Janette came down to visit for Thanksgiving, which we spent with Ryan’s family.

December: Went to Joplin for Janette’s graduation. Spent Christmas with Ryan’s family. Jeff and Janette came down for New Year’s at Veronica’s.


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