tremulous with glee

Is that a common phrase? “Tremulous with glee”? Probably not… but I am absolutely giddy right now. I got the job, and I start on the 17th. Two weeks from today. And I’m getting married five months from today (never mind that I kept thinking it was six months… so I have trouble with figuring amounts of time sometimes!)…

I have so much to do, between getting ready for the wedding and taking care of this little between-job transition period that will include training people to do various parts of my job and filling out all of the paperwork that will have to be filled out.

But I don’t care! I’m too busy being excited about the fact that I will have benefits and paid vacation and can once again start saving for retirement. And the fact that I will be making a comfortable amount of money (not a TON, but…) helps, too.

I guess I don’t have time to be dawdling in my blog… but I just wanted to let everyone know that I landed the new job! Hooray!!


3 responses to “tremulous with glee

  1. Congrats!! And congrats on finding THE DRESS and bridesmaids dresses as well. These are not small tasks, I am well aware! Yeah for you!

  2. AWESOME HURRARY for you. I know it will be an excellant experience.

  3. Woohoo, congrats! 😀

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