fluffy fights

Every day, I uncover something totally amusing on wikipedia, but this is just…

Okay, it’s Pillow Fight Club. Read it, it’s really funny, and really weird, and not something I would likely do, but… fun to read about!

Anyway… there’s a lot to do today. Have to take my drug test for the new job, need to work out, throw in a load of laundry, and perhaps go pay for the wedding dress.

Last night was busy, too. But it was fun busy. I got off work, met Ryan at Ingram Park Mall, and continued the search for wedding rings. I think we’re almost narrowed down… I’m looking at some sort of curved band with channel-set diamonds to go with my engagement ring, and Ryan’s set on this 6.5mm comfort-fit band that he saw the other day. We look all official in this picture, don’t we? 🙂

After the trip to the mall, we raced to bowling… or we would have, if we hadn’t gotten stuck in awful traffic on 410. Ended up taking the back way through the streets to the bowling alley, got there in time to bowl our first game. Yay! I had a terrible series last night, but I was so happy about my new job and looking at rings and stuff that I didn’t care. We got three out of four points, at any rate, even against a team that was two places better than us.

I was ready to go home and go work out after bowling, but instead we ended up going to Bitter End, a bar over at 281 and Bitters. Had a couple of Crown & Sprites (not bad!) and chatted it up with some friends. Eventually, a crappy cover band took the stage and butchered “Hey Joe” and “D’yer Maker,” and it was too loud to talk, so we all left. It was midnight, anyway.

Went back and picked up my car at the mall and then hit the sack. I was tiiiiired, and my eyes still hurt this morning from the smoke. Tonight should be productive, though, as Ryan and his friend Mike (from Kansas City) are going to the Spurs game. So I get the night to myself, which is kind of nice.


3 responses to “fluffy fights

  1. How the heck do you find some of the random stuff you do on Wikipedia. It is one of my favorite sites, but I rarely ever find stuff that random.

  2. Yey! It is totally turning out to be your year! Call me tonight–I’ll make sure it’s unproductive for you! I am so happy about your job and your dress and your rings. . . :)))) (that’s a huge smile for you!)

  3. Okay, the pillow fight thing is goofy: reminds of my friend Nic. At camp they bought a bunch of boxing gloves and built swords out of pvc pipe and covered w/foam rubber so that they could have de-stressing sword fights.

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