and you may ask yourself…

Hooray! Jack FM has finally made its way to San Antonio! It replaces K-Rock, 102.7, which in turn had replaced a rap station (the sister station, oddly enough, of the AM station where Ryan used to work and where Robin works now). K-Rock was one of those angry, rap-metal, high-school-guys-compensating-for-actual-emotion radio stations, so I am more than happy to hear Jack… so far this morning I’ve heard Gretchen Wilson, the Buggles, the Rembrandts, Don MacLean, Stevie Nicks, Blues Traveler, and that weird “same as it ever was” song… you know, “And you may ask yourself…”

Last night was another in a parade of late nights. There was a huge brush fire in North Bexar County last night, and Ryan got to go out and cover it. I didn’t hear anything about it until he called me around 5:30, when he said that he’d been on the air several times since about 3pm. We had planned to go out to dinner last night and unwind and enjoy having the house and one Beer man mug shotanother to ourselves again (we love visitors, but it’s been a while since our home was empty!), but he ended up having to stay out there and do a live shot for the 10. He got home at 11pm after stopping by Wendy’s to pick himself up some dinner, and around 11:30 we went to the Flying Saucer to grab a quick drink… not exactly a ton of quality time, but it was fun to go and relax. I just had some (really strong!) iced tea, as by that time I wasn’t really in the mood to drink. Ryan had two beers, meaning he only has 181 more to go before he gets his beer bash!

I’m pretty sleepy this morning, and my legs are still sore from the evil bastard leg workout on Wednesday. My new hire package should be coming soon, and I get to go through all the business of picking out health benefits and whatnot. This is kind of confusing, though. I hate having too many options!!


One response to “and you may ask yourself…

  1. Talking Head did that song. . .

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