progress… or regression?

Well, wedding plans are progressing nicely. Last night we went and visited with a photographer that Ryan found, and we both really liked his work. Prices… well, a little more than I had hoped. But not as much as some other photographers in the area. At any rate, I think that it’s important for us to get a photographer that we’ll both like a lot, and that will make us feel comfortable, because Ryan’s a photographer himself and he’s going to have a more critical eye than most grooms. And we all want the groom to be happy!

The happy groom sent me a text message a few minutes ago, and his wedding ring is in. (Way less than two weeks, I think!) He’s very excited, and I guess he’ll be picking it up this afternoon.

Also got a call from Sugar Hill Bakery, which was largely unhelpful because they can’t schedule any more appointments until after they move on January 18th. But they did tell me that they can schedule a consultation after that, and that they’re open until 7pm. And they have our wedding date open. I like their designs, too. Look! Maybe this could be Ryan’s groom’s cake? And if Rachael had a cake… this would be it. And I wonder if she could do this cake with black ribbons around it, to echo the dresses?

Oh goodness, I’m a crazy bride.

Um, talked to Ryan’s mom, and they may have found a barbecue caterer for us, less expensive than the other one. I’m willing to check ’em out, but I would like to TRY the food and have everything very clearly laid out as to what we’re getting (or not). We also need to research alcohol and whatnot, and…

My head’s starting to spin. This is what happens when I think about too many wedding things at once, which is why it was so great for us to do one thing at a time. Tuxes. Dresses. Rings. Photographer. Focus, focus, focus!!


2 responses to “progress… or regression?

  1. Thank you. Thank you very much. Damn this word verification shit.

  2. Awesome cakes! Having a wacky groom’s cake will make up for the usual traditional wedding cake, though the one you picked out looks very nice. My uncle Joe had the OU logo on his groom’s cake…and “Boomer Sooner” played after he kissed the bride. Classy.

    Don’t forget to make wish lists for wedding presents. I want to pick out something fun for you guys 😉

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