he’s real…

I thought he was just a weird stuffed puppet made up for a particular episode of “Sex and the City”… but it turns out that Mr. Winkle is actually someone’s dog.

Oh, gag me.

Carrie: [waiting with Mr. Winkle for her book reading to start] This book tour’s tough.
Carrie: [Mr. Winkle continues to nod and pant. Carrie gives him a good look] That’s a cute top.


2 responses to “he’s real…

  1. creepy! Can he not keep his tongue in his mouth?

  2. A girl I worked with on the college newspaper was strangely obsessed with Mr. Winkle. Apparently the photographer who takes all of his Anne Geddesesque pictures found him in a ditch on the side of a road, abandoned. He has some sort of deformity that keeps his tongue lolling out all of the time.

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