last day

So today’s my last real day working as a temp here. I will probably come in and finish up some things this weekend (filing, errant data entry) and then be done with it. But I can’t stay late tonight, because my darling Ryan is taking me to the Rampage game!!! Woohoo for live hockey!! And woohoo for sitting in the KENS box!!

Anyway, I digress. I’ll kind of miss working down here, but for the most part I’m excited about the new job, and the prospect of working for someone new, doing something new with the skills that I already have. I finally feel, almost four years after graduating from college, that I have landed into a job that I can stay with for a while. (I kind of felt that way about KSN, but in hindsight, that probably wasn’t it.)

Now then… the wedding plan update wrap-up: 1. Ryan has booked and paid for the honeymoon, so it’s official – we’re going on a 7-day cruise in the Western Carribean, departing from Galveston on June 4th. 2. I’ve made my first appointment with a florist, on Monday at 2pm. If nothing else, at least I’ll get a little floral direction. 3. Recieved, totally unexpectedly, a copy of magazine and a wedding supply catalog (bundled together) in the mail yesterday. Spent at least an hour and a half looking at it last night after I got home from the gym. 4. In the WeddingChannel magazine, I saw some really cute hairstyles for short hair (aka my hair!). I need to scan and post them, because there were two I really liked. 5. I’m starting to get less sore every time I go to the gym, instead of going and feeling totally immobilized for about two days after. (Okay, that’s not exactly wedding-related, but it’s sort of wedding-inspired.)

So tonight we’re going to the hockey game with Adam and Todd. The Rampage are playing the Toronto Marlies, which I think is a silly name for a team. According to Wikipedia, they’re named after the former Toronto Marlboroughs junior hockey team. Okay, that makes a little more sense. Apparently this is their first season. So we’ll see how that game goes… I’m sure it will be a ton of fun though, sitting in the box and rubbing elbows with the powerful… or at least those who have friends who can get tickets in the box. 🙂


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