hockey puckin’

The hockey game was a blast last night! It was kind of a slow start at first… Todd arrived at our house, we waited for Ryan to get home, and then we had to go pick Adam up at his place. But we finally got to the AT&T Center (formerly known as the SBC Center) around 7:30. We made it up to the box after a slight ticket mishap (they were labeled “reprints” and so we had to go with a doorman to get it sorted out at the box office) about halfway through the first period.

Ryan and I discovered, to our dismay that the beer that we thought was free last time we were at a Rampage game was actually not free, and, in fact, we’d inadvertently stolen someone else’s booze. Whoops!! However, the food was still free (although we had to go to the box next door to get it… but it was still good) and we got some free sodas. And the seats were great, and we could mill about and yell and have a good time. Todd and Adam bought some beer and the three guys all had some. I took on the task of driving us around, which I really don’t mind, because I just hate hangovers.

The game got pretty exciting at the end. After the Rampage managed to get up 3-2 (pictured), the Marlies scored again, tying the game up in the 3rd period. They played out the rest of the 3rd and after a brief minute or two of “intermission”, the 5-minute overtime period got underway. The Marlies had some good chances, but about halfway through the OT, one of the Rampage guys had a breakway and although he slipped on his way to the goal, he still managed to nudge the goal through the 5-hole (that’s underneath the goalie’s legs, by the way). So the Rampage won it, 4-3. It’s always fun when the home team wins. 🙂

After the game, we caught up with some of Adam’s old frat brothers from SMS (no, really, Drury…) and while they were already tanked, the guys in our group managed to have a great time. I had a couple of drinks, but for the last hour or two of the night I drank nothing but water so I could drive us home. I stopped and treated Ryan and Todd to some 2am McDonald’s to soak up some of the alcohol, and we all reveled in the salty, greasy goodness.

Today I took Hailey to Petco, ostensibly to get her microchipped, but found out that they now do the microchipping at the Humane Society by appointment. It’s still only $25, so I’ll probably try to get her in sometime in the next week or so. Instead, I got her nails clipped, and they spritzed her with doggie cologne and gave her a cute red bandana with frogs on it. Everyone at Petco remarked on how pretty and well-behaved she was, and I bragged that she was a shelter dog to the people who were waiting in line to look at the dogs up for adoption. I hope some of those dogs got a home! Need to take Barker for a nail clipping soon, too, because our clippers are no longer strong enough for their hard nails. Besides, they get bandanas!! How awesome is that?!

Janette got in this afternoon for a couple of days of R&R, so I’m looking forward to hanging out with her as soon as I wrap everything up at work!!


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