Sunday winddown

What a hectic day it has been!! Janette and I had a late night last night, staying up to work on her computer and figure out why her calendar wasn’t updating. Long story short, her Treo was looking for appointments in Outlook but she’d entered them in Palm Desktop. We typed all her appointments in Outlook and after some tweaking, got them into the Treo. So now she’s wired and ready to motor around on her audit trips without feeling disconnected, ever. Oh, we also got her picture application fixed this weekend, so she is fully loaded… and I expect her to upload pictures in large quantities!

After the late night, we woke up early (6:30 for me) and went to the 8 o’clock service at Zion Lutheran in Helotes. Ryan managed to get next Sunday off and so we’ll be going to Zion 101, the membership/theology class, on the 22nd. I’m so excited that he has, so far, embraced the warmth and humor and introspection of the Lutheran faith. I can’t wait for next week!

After church, a sniffly Ryan took some medicine and a nap, and Janette and I created a 10-minute photo slideshow with music that she can watch while she’s away from home. It’s full of photos of friends from Joplin, people she’s gotten to know here in Texas, and of course some fun memories of times she and Ryan and I have shared… from the spicy Italian potato soup night to our trip to Paris to her “Chicago”-inspired Halloween costume. It was a lot of fun getting to look back through them and we set it up so she can watch it on her laptop. I called it “Good Night Janette” since she’ll probably be watching it before bed.

After that, we went to the Bridal Spectacular in New Braunfels, which was, surprisingly, a lot of fun. We sampled food, saw an ice sculpture, witnessed a terrible fashion show with hideous dresses (isn’t that called Schadenfreunde or something?) and met a great gal who may be able to help us out with flowers. She had a lot of great ideas and I’m excited to talk to her again!!

Tomorrow Ryan and I have several appointments in Seguin with some potential vendors, and then I want to go to bed early so I can make a good impression at my new job! I’m so excited and can’t wait to get started. But for now, I need to pick up around the house a little bit more.


One response to “Sunday winddown

  1. Wishful thoughts

    Great times, good food, laughs and good friends! What more could anyone ask for during a couple of days of R&R.

    Thanks for the good times, remember a teal sheath dress is NEVER flattering:)

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