first day: painfully slow

I was warned, and I thought it wasn’t gonna be too bad, but it is: I am sitting through the most excruciatingly slow day ever. I’ve talked a few times to the girl up in Dallas that I’m sort of replacing, but mostly I’m just trying not to fall asleep on my first day at the new job.

Luckily, nobody in HR knows what to do with me, and is going about their normal business. I’m not really working with these people as far as what my actual job will entail, but I am working next to them. And they’re all very nice, and one gal showed me the kitchen and the breakroom so I could get some caffeine in me. But I don’t have my desk set up yet, as I have no phone or computer yet, so for the time being I’m squatting in the desk of a woman who’s out on maternity leave right now.

Only five and a half hours to go. At least one of them will be my lunch break… although what I’ll do with an hour lunch break is beyond me!


One response to “first day: painfully slow

  1. That stinks, doesn’t it? You’re all excited about your new job and it’s. . .a boring, slow day. How’s it been since Monday?

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