Argh!! It’s day 2 of orientation today, and I find myself wanting nothing more than to doze off during the endless barrage of videos and slide shows and forced cheerfulness. Blah! I can be cheerful enough when I’m actually working, going about my normal business, not getting an oh-so-fascinating look at financial history. Funy though, this is the second massive global company I’ve worked for, including my holiday stint at Wal-mart one year. But the orientation process is much the same. Videos with debatable production values, coupled with slides, worksheets, quizzes, and “discussions.”

I’m eager to get to work… actual work. My boss is in today, and I haven’t had a chance to go to my department today. It’s just killing me! But at least I can get started tomorrow, and maybe my office equipment will be there for me.

In other news, last night Ryan and I just had a quiet evening at home, talking and having dinner. We also talked to Sheradee on the phone for about an hour and caught up with her… she’s working as a freelance reporter in Oklahoma City now, which she’s wanted to do for a long time. It was awesome to catch up with her.

Hoping to go to Galveston this weekend to visit Rachael and Janette… I can’t make any promises, but hopefully I’ll get to go!

Back to the corporate rah-rah, more later…


One response to “disoriented

  1. Wow, I’m way behind on your blog! Hope things pick up for you at the new job. I’m sure they will. It’s like the first few days of school without cute back to school clothes…BORING!

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