lunchtime boredom

Started my first full week at my new job today. It’s been fine… steadily busy but not insane. It’s really nice to have one person to report to, instead of five.

I didn’t write all weekend because I was sick. I’d planned to drive to Galveston last Friday, but after going to bed with a sore throat on Thursday, I started feeling steadily worse. Stayed home Friday night, which sucked twice as much because Ryan had to work late. Did basically nothing Saturday except watch TV (including the Dancing With the Stars results show I taped Friday night) and then ended up going to San Marcos Saturday night. It was okay, but I didn’t drink (on a pub crawl!) because I was popping Tylenol cold medicine. So I basically stayed up late drinking soda. Ahhh, just like high school.

Sunday morning I cracked the whip and got us out of bed for church, and it was also the day of Lutheran School! Okay…it was the inquirers’ class, but Lutheran School is more fun. Ryan asked some good questions during the class and it was great to listen to others’ questions, too…it really challenges me to think harder about what I believe and why. We’ll be joining Zion Lutheran on February 12th at the 8am service, and it will be the first time we’ve belonged to the same church. I think, though, that Zion is a church where we will really belong.

Lunch break will be over soon… I guess I’ll head back to my desk. I think I should have taken a nap instead of eating… maybe it would have alleviated the massive sinus headache I’ve had all day.


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