planning along

Just a short note… Ryan took care of the florist today, now we’ve just got the caterer to figure out. I’m leaning toward party trays instead of a traditional caterer… would anyone out there be offended if this was offered instead of a traditional meal? Just curious…


3 responses to “planning along

  1. I don’t think people will be offended. All I want is a slice of that cake! 🙂

  2. I would not be offended. Could we have those little ears of corn? 🙂

  3. Wishful thoughts

    Personally, whatever you present at the reception will be loved by all and those that don’t like it can just go home. The focus is to be on celebrating the joining of two people together as husband and wife…not the per plate cost of the meal. Go with fresh fruit trays, veggie trays and deli/cold cut trays, lotsa cake and a steady flow of wine/beer (cash bar works well in this type of situation) and great music and people will remember your celebration for years to come with smiles.

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