making it all up

I didn’t do much this weekend, other than laundry and cleaning and hosting Improv Night on Saturday. Improv Night was fun; we had everyone over to play around with “Whose Line”-style skits. Nothing too out of control, but I only had a list of 15 (!) games, so we had to recycle a couple of them. Of course, the nice thing about improv is that you never do the same thing twice.

Today, my boss is back, and it’s still been relatively slow… but at least there has been something to do. I get paid tomorrow but there’s plenty of bills to be paid, plus a cake deposit (only $25 but still, gotta be paid). I’m getting more and more excited about this weekend, which is looking to be chock-full of fun with First Friday in Southtown, Janette and Rachael coming into town, and the Super Bowl (for which we’re hosting a small get-together for the Saturday Night crew). I’ll probably be worn out come Monday, but it shoud be a ton of fun!

CNN Headline News just mentioned that Baby Jessica was pulled out of the well in Midland 18 years ago. Does that make anyone else feel old??


One response to “making it all up

  1. wow…yep..I totally remember Baby Jessica and being totally afraid of backyards, ditches, and all holes for quite some time!

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